About Steve Watkins

I’m an artist, custom knife maker and athlete living in Cape Girardeau,  Missouri. This website is the culmination of all the influences that shape who I am and my Knife making.

I was born in Jonesboro AR. into a culture of farming and hunting. When I was 5 yrs. old my dad got a new job and our family moved to Cape Girardeau, MO. Growing up  in the Midwest, a large part of my life was spent hunting and fishing. This helped develop a love of knives. Since moving to Charlotte Nc. I’ve traded most of my guns for bikes but I still have all my knives. To this day I believe there is nothing more beautiful than the clean precision fitting of steel and wood.

When I’m not making knives I’m running and riding in preparation for Ironman triathlons. I love traveling to races and there is nothing better after racing for 10 hours than eating great food!  This interest in food has lead to a fascination with Custom Chef Knives.

I have trained with the top master smiths in the world in order to learn my craft. I have also spent several years working closely with some of the best chefs in the country to develop knife designs that are visually stunning and function flawlessly. I hope you enjoy!

Steve Watkins