Sous Chef Knives

Like it’s name sake these knives are designed for work. Streamlined, elegant and made for business! Handles clad with beautiful stabalized maple and ¬†hand finished blades ¬†keep these knives light, agile and classically styled.

Series Overview

When Steve Watkins set out to design the Sous line, he wanted to build a simple worker Bee…but if you know Steve simple isn’t in his DNA! What he came up with is a streamlined chef knife. Steve¬†kept the bells and whistles to a minimum, while staying with a very classic Chef knife style.

Like a great meal a great knife needs a great recipe. Steve starts with O1 carbon tool steel. This steel makes excellent knives! O1 is a through hardening steel with has a long heat treat window. What does that mean? It is easy to harden…really hard. ¬†The finished hardness is 61-62 rockwell. ¬†This rockwell (measure of steel hardness) will get scalpel sharp and retain the edge for a long time. Next Steve ¬†attaches stabilized maple handles. ¬†Stabilization keeps the wood from shrinking and expanding which prevents cracking. ¬†Lastly he blast¬†finishes the blade. A process that removes all machine marks. It’s a small thing that adds beautiful satin finish to the blade. No retailers are doing hand finishing. Finally Steve wraps these¬†chef knives in a beautiful wood sheath, this pulls it all togather and adds protection to the shop edge.

Want Custom?

If you’re interesting in¬†collaborating with Steve Watkins¬†on a fully personalized, custom knife check out Steve’s¬†Collaborative work¬†or¬†call¬†704-207-9559 or email Steve at¬†

Other Knives

Checkout the online store for other Steve Watkins kitchen knife series. Whether you’re an aspiring home chef or a career executive chef you’re sure to find a great knife. ¬†Visit the Store…

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